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Cedar City Children's Musical Theatre is a 100% volunteer organization. We couldn't do it without your support! Our volunteer program offers a great way for families to come together and help out the community. Our volunteers are always in need and the feeling of friendship and camaraderie between them is incomparable. We are proud of our volunteers and are always looking for new members to join the team

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Volunteers style all necessary hair for productions, color hair as needed, fit wigs on the cast, and maintain all hair and wig supplies as requested by the director.

Darlene Applying Makeup - Copy_edited.jpg

Volunteers apply basic and specialty makeup on cast members. They apply beards, mustaches, and prosthetics while maintaining supplies in the makeup area, meeting the director’s expectations.

Volunteers locate or create all necessary props. They may design, construct, glue, paint, and decorate items as instructed by the director.

Korina with Kissing Fish.jpg

Volunteers, prepare all costumes as needed. Some are seamstresses who sew the costumes and some construct specialty accessories with varying processes . They help with ironing, cleaning, hemming, altering, and specialty fitting. With over 600 costumes, there are several costume directors over each project.

Volunteers construct, set up, and take down all scenery under the director’s instruction. Carpentry and engineering skills are especially valued, but willingness to gather supplies, help with load in, and maintenance of construction materials and tools is also needed. 


Volunteers help with painting, dressing, and “blinging” set pieces, props, and the stage. They add the final masterful touches that make everything “Pop”, from curtains to furniture.

Volunteers move the scenery and pieces during rehearsals and performances under the director’s instruction. They also aid in transportation of scenery and the striking of sets.

BackStage Helpers.jpg

Volunteers with a "quick moving mind" help organize and sell concessions to the thousands of audience members during performances. 

Volunteers work backstage with our amazing directors and cast members. They are the heroes of our shows. They help manage behavior, keep our children safe, dry tears, find lost items, help dress actors, and aid the cast when they are off stage. Patience, love for children, willingness to help out in a pinch, and ability to take action as needed is especially valuable.


Volunteers help during performances to sell tickets, locate seating, mark reserved seats, answer questions, and assist audience members as needed. 

Volunteers help promote CCCMT and our current productions under the direction of the production team. They may be asked to hang up posters, locate sponsors, advertise our show, and talk to local businesses

Poster recycling 1 CROP_tcm18-274682.jpg

Volunteers help maintain and keep our building safe, comfortable, and professional. They empty garbage cans, vacuum, clean as needed, sanitize regularly, and help make CCCMT a place where all feel at home.

Our Teen Mentor program is designed to help build young actors and technicians into awesome human beings.  Not only do they learn great theater skills but life skills to be successful and contributing members of society.

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