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About Teen Mentors

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Teens willing to assist with singing, acting, dancing, props, scenery, costumes, child management, cleaning, etc. They must have have a genuine interest in the our theatre and a willingness to serve. They must demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a positive role model. Our Teen Mentor program is designed to help build young actors and technicians into awesome human beings. You need to 13 years old to apply. We only take a limited number each year.  

What is a Teen Mentor?

What to expect as a Teen Mentor?

• Teen mentors should be available for a whole 2 week Mini Musical session or the whole 4 days of summer camp. The option is given to be a teen mentor for all sessions or just a few.  

• Assistance will be needed in all aspects of putting together a performance or summer camp. Versatility is key in helping with singing, acting, dancing, props, scenery, costumes, child management, cleaning, etc. 

• Come to Teen Mentor meetings and contribute when ideas are asked for. 

• Learn all of the dances and songs for each mini musical and for summer camps.  

Examples of daily expectations are: 

Teaching a dance, running lines with actors, being next to younger actors helping them while singing and dancing, assisting a director with different tasks, singing or dancing with a group, cleaning areas as needed, helping younger children with quiet activities, being in charge of a group or table of kids and seeing through the activities for the day. 

An ideal Teen Mentor will be...

On time, prepared to help, respectful to everyone, listen to the director, keep a positive attitude, have patience with many personalities in different situations, motivates other through a good example.  

Want to be a Teen Mentor?

Click here to apply

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