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How Casting Works:

As many of you know - casting a show is very difficult.
We are blessed to have so many talented kids . Narrowing it down is both extremely difficult and time-consuming.

For those of you who've wondered how the process works - here's a sneak peak:
Our judging system is very vigorous and meant to be extremely fair - as we know this is important to all involved.

In addition to the CMT judges (Director, Musical Director, etc.) we ensure we bring in outside judges (approx. 4) who have no kids in our shows and no specific affiliation with CMT.

Kids who are called-back for specific roles are scored individually by each judge.  The judges, individually, determine their top 3 picks for each role and points are assigned based on these picks.  Top pick is assigned 3 points, 2nd pick - 2 points, 3rd pick - 1 point.  These points are then tallied and parts are given based on the highest number or highest average.  If a CCCMT judge has a child up for a specific role, that parent's vote is not counted into the total.  It is up to the votes input by the other judges to determine this student's ranking.

If a student has the highest votes for more than one role - we assign the role based on the student's preference listed on their audition form.
When casting - we also look at heights, body build, and summer availability.  If they're going be gone a lot - we do not assign them a main part - as it's imperative they be here for practices.  We also review feedback from volunteers if the student has been in our show's previously.  If the student is a discipline problem they may not be considered for a main role.

We take casting very seriously and we recognize there will be a lot of cast members who will be disappointed.  We are truly sad about that - however - please know that no matter what part you receive in the show - it's needed - it's important and we hope you'll have fun!


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