JOSEPH 2016:

"The Show is FANTASTIC! A MUST SEE FOR ALL WHO CAN STILL MAKE IT. The Actors are wonderul even though they are young and (amatures?). The costumes are beautiful and so many of them, the Scenery is spetacular, way beyond something you would expect from such a limited budget. The volunteers are wonderful, and there so many of them spending countless hours with the costuming, scenery, coaching, organizing and guiding the 150+ fantatic children in this production. The quality of the sound they produce is wonderful, far above anything you would expect from a group of children. The actors, production team and volunteers really hit it out of the ballpark with this show, as they have for the past several years."

"This production of Joseph was one of the best I'd ever seen. Amazing with that many kids that it was so well run and done so professionally. We absolutely loved it and we don't even have any kids in it."

"Great job ! Best one I have ever seen!!!!"

"So deeply moved, inspired, lifted and blessed by the spectacular and heartwarming CCCMT production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, with its stunning cast of 170 Cedar youth."

"Just as great as the Broadway version, if not better!!!!"

"A big Donny Osmond Fan Myself. . . . Was Blown Away"

"I liked that better than plays I've paid big money for"

"There is no way that is put on by all volunteers!"

"I cannot believe how well all those kids were coordinated on stage. It was so professional and high-quality! No one missed a beat and the singing was incredible. I really am so impressed!"

"Wow! That coat was AMAZING! I've never seen such a beautiful coat in all the productions of Joseph I've ever seen!"

"I can't believe how many kids there are on that stage! And they are so PROFESSIONAL!"

"If I would have know it was that good, I would have been there every night!!!! VERY well done."