CCCMT Tumbleweed's -  FAQ’s and Information:
Please read carefully as most questions will be answered here.

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What is the show TUMBLEWEEDS?

Tumbleweeds, is a lively musical bursting with wonderful music, lively lyrics and hilarious jokes. It is adapted from the popular comic strip by Tom Ryan. Tumbleweeds gets its name from the likeable cowpoke who tries his best to be an optimist.  It ain’t easy because he lives in the wretched town of Grimy Gulch which is populated by such bizarre characters as Hildegard Hamhocker, who’s always on the lookout for a husband (any husband as long as it’s Tumbleweeds), Judge Frump (who gives everyone a fair and impartial conviction), Colonel Fluster of Fort Ridiculous (he’s lost his troops) and a tribe of eccentric Indians called the Poohawks.  The Choo-Choo Railway wants to wipe the town from the map, and it sends Clementine Greedy to arrange things with the meanest man in town...  Snake-Eye McFoul.  No one is interested in Tumbleweeds’ attempt to improve the town except his former school teacher, Prudence Lovely, who arrives with a stagecoach of romantic young ladies on an educational tour.  To help out, Prudence plans to open a ’School For the Ignorant.’ Thanks to Tumbleweeds, things do return to normal (or sub-normal in the case of Grimy Gulch) in a rousing slam-bang finale. Tumbleweeds is set in and around the town of Grimy Gulch, whose population was stated as 49 (later it was crossed out and incremented to 50, and sometimes is revised down when the villain Snake-Eye leaves town), in an unspecified Western territory. Other locations include the nearby village of the Poohawk tribe of Native Americans.


Any person ages 9-19 may register and audition to be a part of our 2020 production of Tumbleweeds.  Younger children  are welcome to be a part of our Mini Musicals, starting in the fall.
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If your child becomes a behavior problem, a parent MUST accompany them to every practice, or they will not be able to be a part of the show. We cannot be babysitters.

Session 1 -
Practices start 6/30 and run through 7/23
Performances: 7/24, 7/25, and 7/27

Session 2 -
Practices start 7/28 and run through 8/13
Performances: 8/14, 8/15, 8/17

CAST INFORMATION: (Cast description & entire cast list at bottom of Faq's)

These following characters will be cast and MUST be available for BOTH Sessions.

Snake Eye
Judge Frump

Each session will have a separate ensemble of Poohawks and Townsfolk as well as other main leads. There are  lots of other lines for these parts. 3 songs (including finale) for Townsfolk,  3 songs (including finale) for Poohawks, and other specialty numbers. There are approximately 35 -40 characters with speaking lines.

You don’t need to audition unless you would like to try for a main lead or solo part. HOWEVER, General Registration will only be opened up once auditions are completed. We will be limiting the number of kids we allow in the cast, so the cast may be full before we can open general registration. 

Those who are auditioning can register on the days of the audition. General registration will not be available until after auditions and ONLY if there are spots available. Everyone must register to be in the show. Please do not register until you have read this entire FAQs page. Please complete the entire form. You will need to submit a form for EACH child registered.  Registration is not complete until the participation fee is paid or scholarship form has been accepted. You will not be added to the cast list until registration is complete.

YES. Because of the growing number of children who want to be in the musical, CCCMT will limit the number of children we accept. It will be based on first registered and paid - so register early.

There is a fee of $60 to participate in the summer musical. This INCLUDES the costume fee. ( There is a sibling discount.  First child is $60.00 - each additional child is $45.00 (example – 2 kids = $105, 3 kids =$150, etc.) PAY NOW
The participation fees are used to pay for building, maintenance, rental fees, royalties, scenery, props, music equipment, theater rental fees etc.  Everyone is a volunteer.
Participation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, so make sure this is something you want to do before registering.

CCCMT is completely volunteer run. We NEED volunteers to make this production a success. We have several ways to volunteer. (Scenery, props, costumes, make-up, publicity, child wrangling, etc.)   Please Sign-up to volunteer.
CLICK HERE and  Text @cccmtv to 81010 to join our volunteer list.   

We are all volunteers (directors, production, costumes, choreographers, etc.) who volunteer many hours and their talents. Please be respectful of every volunteer. We will not tolerate students or parents being disrespectful to our volunteers. This is cause for immediate removal from the show.  If you have an issue, please contact

Please read the Parent/Student Expectations sheet. Please do not register if you cannot abide by these rules.

The costume fee is INCLUDED in your participation fee. Depending on your character role, there may be an additional Costume Fee of $15. We try to keep all fees affordable; however, we take great pride in our productions. We strive to provide high-quality, costumes. You may be responsible to provide part or all of your own costume.

-Souvenir -T-shirt: $10.00 (optional)
 They are a fun souvenir for the kids. Some students wear theirs to the cast party and have the cast members sign their t-shirt. Order forms will be available at practices and online. You may purchase a shirt for everyone in your family.
-Parent dedication ad: $5.00 (optional)
The parent dedication ad is an optional special message from parents, grandparents, &/or friends to your little star that is printed in the program. Order forms are available at the CMT building or contact
-Tickets to the Show:
Pre-sale tickets are $5.00. Reserved Tickets-$8.00, At the Door-$5.00. We have made every effort to keep costs low and affordable for everyone. There is not an adult or child price. We are charged a royalty for every seat sold.
-Memory Makers :(Optional)
These are fun souvenir characters and plush animals. They will include a miniature souvenir program with the cast list.
There will be concessions available to purchase during the rehearsals and during the nights of the performances, as well as special souvenir items.


Session 1 -
Practices start 6/30 and run through 7/23 .
Lines will need to be memorized  and dances learned by
July 6th. 

Session 2 -
Practices start 7/28 and run through 8/13. 
Lines will need to be memorized and dances learned by first day of practice on July 28th


We are trying to limit the number of practices, so we encourage "at home practice." All of the dance numbers and songs will be added to the website. The students will be expected to practice at home. Tentatively practices will be held Mon - Friday  5:00 - 8:00 PM. Some Saturday practices will be required.

We understand the importance of family reunions, scout camps, girl’s camps, etc. We work around these important events and allow students to miss some practice time for these special activities. However, it is NOT ok to miss practice because you would rather go swimming, to see a show, or play with a friend. Please make play practice a priority. Scheduled absences should be written on the registration form and approved in advance. More than 3 unexcused absences may result in removal from the show. If removed from the show - participation fees will not be refunded. You may NOT MISS any of the practices during Tech week and dress rehearsal. 

It is the responsibility of cast members and parents to check the website for updates and rehearsal times and changes. The website will always have the information you need. We have a texting system that should help with communication. Please make sure you sign-up to receive these text alerts. All cast members will be added as members of the website which allows access to practice songs and dances.  Log-in information will be sent once registration is completed.  All information, changes, updates, and practice times will be added to the website. We also highly encourage cast members to become a members our CCCMT Facebook page.

We have several opportunities for sponsorships.  If your family or business is willing to help support these local children the information is listed below.
Our programs are full-color, 8.5 x 5.5
Half Page Ad –$100
1/4 Page Ad – $75
1/8 Page Ad – $50
Show Sponsor  -$1000

If you or your business would like to be a sponsor, please contact or the Publicity Director, Rebekah Karpel at 531-9584. CLICK HERE to become a sponsor.

Disrespect to volunteers. We do not turn children away for inability to pay or lack of experience, but we will NOT tolerate disrespect from students or their parents to any of our volunteers.

CCCMT was started by a family who wanted to provide musical theater experience for their children and grandchildren. CCCMT is a non-profit (5013c) organization. Every child is given the opportunity to perform; regardless of ability to pay or previous experience. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to shine, because talent is only developed when children are given the opportunity.







Tumbleweeds: the main character, is a laconic cowpoke who would rather be anywhere else, but has no real ambition to do anything. Like his namesake, he is content to tumble wherever human foibles may carry him. His worst nightmare is to be caught by, and married to, Hildegard Hamhocker.
Judge Horatio Curmudgeon Frump is the magistrate/mayor of Grimy Gulch, a pompous windbag who became Justice of the Peace and boasts that he cannot be bought, but is open to "rental fees"!
The Sheriff, a man with a ridiculous handlebar moustache, is the short-handed "long arm of the law."
Deputy Knuckles, comic relief who does not carry a gun, but has a yo-yo instead.
Hildegard Hamhocker, the town's only known woman, is drawn as a stereotypical homely old maid, trying to snag Tumbleweeds as a husband.
Echo is an orphan girl. Cute and precocious, she knows how to use those qualities when necessary. She is Hildegard's adopted niece.
Claude Clay is Grimy Gulch's undertaker, whose motto is, "You plug 'em ... I plant 'em."
Wart Wimble is a gravedigger who works for Clay.
Snake-Eye McFoul is an outlaw. He visits Grimy Gulch from time to time to rob the bank and/or kill somebody.

Throckmorton Fleesum - a con artist

Emmeline Greedy -Throckmorton's accomplice

Clementine Greedy - Throckmorton's accomplice

Hogwarth Hemp - Visiting Hangman
Mole Eye, a scout from Fort Ridiculous, is usually shown coming in from the desert with a couple of arrows sticking out of his back; he wears a buckskin with the word "Scout" on his hat.
The Poohawk Chief is always lamenting his tribe's pathetic standing.
Little Pigeon is the Poohawk Chief's daughter, and "a flower among the weeds".

Poppy - another Indian maiden
The Poohawk medicine man.

Puce Moose- a poohawk indian
Bucolic Buffalo-  a huge, hairy indian
Amy - a school girl

Betty - a school girl
Caroline - a school girl

Dorothy - a school girl
Edith - a school girl
Zenobia - a school girl
Prudence Lovely - Their Teacher

Aunt Maude - Prudence's Chanperone