VOCALS - We Won't Be Happy Till We Get It - Barnaby, Gongorzo, Rodrigo
I embezzle and I swindle and I keep two sets of books,
And the income tax collector always gives me dirty looks.
Now the thought of Mary’s money has a very strong appeal,
So underhandedly I've planned another shady deal,
And I won’t be happy till I get it.
Unwittingly, some papers she will sign.
She will never have a hint that in the finer print,
Her inheritance is mine, all mine.

We enjoy committing mayhem for a monetary gain
And we specialize in crimes which are completely inhumane.
Now we're on our way to steal some sheep and drown a boy at sea,
And then directly we’ll collect a very handsome fee,
And we won’t be happy till we get it.
In some lagoon a body soon will splash.
We’re eager to proceed to do this evil deed,
Just as long as we are paid in cash.

We’re an awful gruesome threesome and we’re rotten to the core,
Of the jobs we pull, you'll see some that will make you hate us more.
Whether larceny or murder, makes no difference what the crime,
We'll forge a check or cut your neck if we can make a dime,
And we won’t be happy till we get it.
Oh, what a shame, they’ll hate our name in town,
But what are we to do, unhappily it’s true
We’ll take anything that’s not nailed down,
And we won’t be happy till we get it.