VOCALS - I can't do the sum - PIPER KIDS
(Song) "I Can't Do the Sum"

Lucy If a steamship weighed ten thousand tons,

And sailed five thousand miles

With a cargo full of teddy bears

And dolls with great big smiles.

If the men were almost six feet tall

And the captain near the same,

Would you subtract of multiply

To find the captain's name?

All Oh! Oh! Oh!

Lucy Put down six and carry two,

All Put down six; carry two.

Solo Gee, but this is hard to do;

All Yes, it is - hard to do.

Solo I don't care what the teacher says, I can't do the sum.

Widow If L’il Bo Peep lost a dozen sheep

By Old McDonald's tree,

And Mary planted cockle shells

In rows of two's and three's.

Solo If Peter picked a pepper pack

And pickled them in dill,

How long is it 'til Old King Cole

Will send for Jack and Jill?

All Oh! Oh! Oh!

Lucy Put down five and carry nine;

All Put down five, carry nine.

Lucy I don't know what you will find.

All We don't know, what we'll find.

Lucy You can think and think and think, 'til you say. . .

All "Ho-humm."

I don't care what teacher says, We can't do the sum;

We can't do the sum? How dumb! We can't do the sum!