Mini Musical FAQS:







The Mini Musical will consist of a 2 week rehearsal session culminating in two performances at the end of the  session. It is called the mini musical because of its shortened rehearsal schedule. All cast members have stage time & performing opportunities. 



WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?    Mini Musical Sessions are available for:

---Ages: 5-19.  (sibling groups encouraged)

There will be a participation fee of $50/child. There is a sibling discount ($10  off for each additional child.  ($50 first child, $40 each additional child) Everyone who registers is cast into that session.  Tickets will be required to see the performance and they are $5 each. The fees are to cover expenses and royalties.  Fees are non-refundable. CCCMT provides the costumes.


Make Payment Online or Mail Check, payable to CCCMT, to:

Wendy Anderson, 277 S. Ridge Road, Cedar City, UT 84720.


Please complete the registration form below and submit the participation fee to participate. Registration is not complete until form is complete AND Payment paid. There will be a maximum number of children allowed in each show, as well as a minimum number required to ensure the production. The quality of experience that we want each child to receive is one of our main reasons for limiting the number of children that can be in the show. We will hold a group audition a few days before the first rehearsal for everyone who is registered in that session.  During the cast selection the kids are taught a songs and get to read a line. This helps up to determine the cast list. 


We will rehearse a total of 2 - 3 hours each day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks, including a dress rehearsal,  followed by 4 performances.  Some sessions will also perform for the local elementary schools. Practices are  4:30 to 6:30 PM, although some nights will stay until 7:30 to do additional blocking. Practices are held at 150 East Altamira Drive (the old hospital)  Everyone registered must have a clear schedule and be able to attend all rehearsals. Please choose a session where there will be no conflicts. Because of the short amount of rehearsal time, we do not allow missed rehearsals. Please make the 2 weeks of rehearsals a priority over all other activities. 


Approx. 1 hour


How many Sessions are there?

To be determined, but 6-8 sessions, depending on interest.


More questions? 

Please email Wendy at or text 435-592-0083


What is Toyland about?
Toyland is based on the classic 100 year old story of Babes in Toyland. The basic story is about orphans Alan and Jane, the wards of their wicked Uncle Barnaby, who wants to steal their fortune. He arranges for them to be shipwrecked and lost at sea, but his bungling minions sell Alan to the Gypsies and Tom Tom the Piper’s son rescues Jane. Villainous Barnaby than plots to marry Contrary Mary, who is in love with Tom, but his plot again backfires and the heroes and villains end up going to Toyland, by way of Spider Forest.

In Toyland, Contrary Mary and Tom-Tom, and Alan and Jane find each other and seek protection with the Master Toymaker, his faithful helper, and trustworthy Toyland policeman and stop Barnaby from turning the toys into evil dolls. There are lots of fun parts for all ages of children, including hilarious villains, brave heroes, enchanted toys and all your favorite Mother Goose Characters.



CAST LIST - (*possible singing part)
Mother Goose
*Widow Piper
Boy Blue
Miss Muffett
Curly Locks
Riding Hood
Son John
Wee Willie Winkie
*Lucy Locket
Jack Be Nimble
Queen of Hearts
Boy Blue
Simple Simon
Humpty Dumpty
Tom Tucker



Toyland Song Vocal  - Click Here

Toyland Song Instrumental  - Click Here

Boys Speaking Part:

"Jane you've got to listen to everything I say. Whatever you do, don't go near the harbor.

Do you hear? Don't go near the harbor!"

Girls Speaking Part

"Well, if that's what you think of my love, Alan, good-bye to you, too! (Calling after him)

Maybe I should marry Barnaby! At least he trusts me. (Starts to cry)


Acting – Teenage Boys and Girls
Walk across the stage with a comical bowlegged walk.
Walk across the stage with a comical tiptoe walk.
Walk across the stage as a very old, mostly blind man.
Walk and bump into wall and do a comical fall.



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