When will our lives begin - VOCALS
Why does a princess need to find Prince Charming?
It’s the same old story. Still I’m not satisfied.
When will my kingdom see I’m done conforming?
I can be my own me without being a bride.
Other Princesses:
But when we read a book,
Or even two or three,
In all these fairy tales it’s very plain to see,
We simply need a prince to live happily.
And that’s when our lives begin.
I am who I am! I don’t need a man to save me.
I can be happy living on my own.
Merida and Elsa:
What can we say to make you truly agree?
There are worse things in life than living alone.
Other Princesses:
But in these stacks of books,
You’ll see it clearly states
At last our prince will come.
I’m sure he won’t be late.
So we’ll just sit around and wait and wait and wait.
Stuck in the same place we’ve always been.
And we’ll keep wonderin’ and wonderin’
And wonderin’ and wonderin’
When will our lives begin.
Listen to me.
Your prince may appear.
Just like they do in these stories right here.
But you must love
The life that you lead.
Merida and Elsa:
Don’t just wait around
For a hero on his steed.