Be our Guest - VOCALS
King and Evil Queen:
Be our guests. Be our guests.
We both feel so very blessed.
Come and join our celebration and please take a welcomed rest.
Meet the queen,
A beauty
I am really so lucky.
We betrothed without delay.
I met her only yesterday.
With her good looks and her charm,
I thought, really, what’s the harm?
I proposed and she said yes, you might have guessed.
You may ask what’s the rush?
But I’m the king, so shush!
King and Evil Queen:
And be our guests. Be our guests. Be our guests.
Ensemble (Townspeople/Princesses/Huntsman/Guards/Enchantress):
Oh, what fun!
This is great!
It is time to celebrate.
We will toast our gracious host.
There really is no need to wait.
Snow White:
I don’t know.
This seems fast.
Evil Queen:
I don’t care, dear, you weren’t asked.
There is no one else complaining.
This is all so entertaining!
Snow White:
Can this be? Is this true?
How this happened, I’ve no clue!
And it’s all in perfect timing, you can bet!
A marriage sure to last.
Come on and lift your glass.
We’ll be your guests.
If depressed, it’s a wedding I suggest.
King and Queen:
Be our guests! Be our guests! Be our guests!
All these guests! All these guests!
We are all so very stressed!
It’s a crime, such little time.
The king has made an awful mess.
It’s too much work for us.
But we simply cannot fuss.
While the king is celebrating,
Mounds of dishes will be waiting.
Back to work! It’s your chore.
Someone needs to mop this floor.
Clean it up, we want the company impressed.
You’ve got a lot to do.
Is it too much for you?
For these are guests.
He’s a pest!
I am stressed!
I need a rest!

Be our guests! Be our guests! Be our guests!
We are guests! We are guests!
We have come at your request.
It’s been years since we’ve had anybody wed.
And we’re impressed,
With your bride, with her grace.
Sire, you have amazing taste.
Wish it wasn’t quite so scary finding someone fit to marry.
Down the aisle, two by two
‘til you shout:
You bet I do!
Then you’re off to honeymoon in Budapest.
That day you might be sorry, but for now let’s party.
We’re your guests.
King and Queen:
Be our guests!
King, Queen, Guards, and Ladies:
Be our guests!
Please be our guests!