Mini Musical FAQS:
Please read entire page as some information has changed from last year.
All Sessions Closed









The mini musical is an opportunity for children to gain more on stage musical theater experience. It is called the mini musical because of its shortened rehearsal schedule/ Cast members will have more stage time,  performing opportunities, and smaller casts. Mini Musicals will consist of a 3 week rehearsal session culminating in two, 60 minute performances at the end of the 3 week session. 


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?    Mini Musical Sessions are available for:

---Children Ages: 5-19. (5 years old can join as long as you they are in Kindergarten.)
(sibling groups encouraged)

There will be a participation fee of $30/child. There will be no scholarships or sibling discounts offered for the mini musical. Tickets will be required to see the performance and they are $5 each. The fees are to cover expenses and royalties.  Fees are non-refundable. CCCMT provides the costumes.


Make Payment Online or Mail Check, payable to CCCMT, to:

Wendy Anderson, 277 S. Ridge Road, Cedar City, UT 84720.


Please complete the registration form below and submit the participation fee to participate.  There will be a maximum number of children
 allowed in each show, as well as a minimum number required to ensure the production. The quality of experience that we want each child to receive is one of our main reasons for limiting the number of children that can be in the show. We will hold a group audition a few days before the first rehearsal where everyone who is registered will learn the songs and lines and then we will determine the cast list. 


We will rehearse a total of 2 - 2.5 hours each day, 3-5 days a week, for 3 weeks, including a dress rehearsal,  followed by 2 performances. See session date information below. Practices are from 4:30  to 6:30 PM and are held at the CMT building, 1579 N. Main Street, Suite #108.  Everyone registered must have a clear schedule for all 3 weeks and be able to attend all rehearsals. Please choose a session where there will be no conflicts. Because of the short amount of rehearsal time, we do not allow missed rehearsals. Please make the 3 weeks of rehearsals a priority over all other activities. 


Peter Pan is approximately 60 minutes in length, and there will be no intermission. The show will be performed at the CMT Rehearsal Building.


How many Sessions are there?

There will be 3 more sessions. Session 2, 3, and 4. (Sessions begin in January) Please make sure you are on our mailing list (join on the home page) to be notified when registration opens. 


Please Do NOT register until you have read the above Mini Musical FAQ's and

are willing to commit to the 3 week rehearsal schedule. 

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SESSION 4 (March): Session CLOSED

(*There is No School on March 8 & 9. Practices are still held on dates that there is No School. )

SESSION 5 (March): Session CLOSED

SESSION 6 (April): Session CLOSED