Hi all! We’ve been so hard at work for a month that nobody has actually posted on this blog. I’ve decided to take over writing so that you (our readers) can actually get fun behind-the-scenes look at The Little Mermaid.

For starters, my name is Megan Baker and I play Ariel in this year’s CCCMT production. This show is my heart and soul and every single person involved in it is wonderfully talented, on stage and off. I’m so excited to be writing on this blog. I’ll also be vlogging things like Super Saturday, work nights, and the more eventful rehearsals so you all can see what’s going on with the cast and crew.

You’ve definitely missed a lot in the two months (or more) we’ve been working on this show. From auditions, with over 220 kids, to first read-throughs, it’s already been an unforgettable experience for everyone.

We started off with an audition workshop on April 24th. This is when everyone auditioning was invited to come to CMT and practice the audition music. We had SO MANY people show up that we had kids squished on benches and standing against the walls. Everyone sounded so amazing already that a few of us got teary while picturing what this show would become.

Then we went into auditions April 25th and 26th. These were two of the longest days ever for our directors and casting helpers. Even though they were provided with sub sandwiches and snacks, everyone was exhausted by the end. Then the casting team stayed after and talked for another couple hours. Cast members, I sincerely hope you appreciate all the time that went into casting this production. They released the callback list in the early hours of the morning and prepared themselves for another stressful few days.

After all of the callbacks, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

We waited until, finally, on May 7th, at 6:03 P.M., the cast list was posted. I remember the exact moment I refreshed the page (for the thousandth time that day) and an actual working link popped up. I later found out that I wasn’t the only one who instantly burst into tears. My mom, Melanie Baker, ran over to me (thinking that I had already read it) and started asking, “Good crying or bad crying? GOOD CRYING OR BAD CRYING? MEGAN, CALM DOWN!” That moment changed the course of the entire summer for every single name on that list. Many were thrilled, some were disappointed.

After we had a read-through May 9th, we didn’t have another rehearsal until June 6th—the first of an entire month of music rehearsals with our lovely musical director, Melanie Baker. She’s worked so hard this past month making sure every single person knew what they were doing. She even transcribed new harmonies for “Kiss The Girl,” turning it into the most magical song in the entire show. (The video is below, and what you don’t see is me bursting into tears after ending the video.)

Which brings us where we are now. We still do music in the back, it just happens to be in between dance practices. As I’m writing this, we are one day out from a very long Saturday dance rehearsal (and it is Kason Krause’s 16th birthday!).

I’m so excited to bring you a ton of content this season and I hope to see you all soon. If you have questions or any special requests, contact me and I’ll make sure every one of your Little Mermaid Blog needs is met. Now, to close this out, here is a picture of our A M A Z I N G KORINA WOOD “hard at work” during our summer camp.

  Love you guys. See you soon.

     —Megan Baker



The gorgeous Korina Wood
The gorgeous Korina Wood