Halloween Workshop




Have you ever wanted to do special effects make-up?
Or see how they create and haunt a spook alley?

Now is your chance!


CCCMT is excited to offer a Spooky Halloween Workshop. Learn special effects make-up with special step by step guidance, decorate a haunted room for the Spook Alley, learn a Halloween song and dance, and perform at our Friday the 13th Haunted Theater Spectacular.


Workshop Information: There will be 4 sessions of the Halloween Workshop.
Workshops are held Monday-Thursday, from 4:30 - 6:30 PM at the CMT building, 1579 N. Main Street, Suite #109.
For ages 10 and up.  There is a cost of $30. 


Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to perform the song and dance and show off their work in creating a spook alley at the Friday the 13th Halloween Spooktacular. October 13. 


Session 1:  September 18-21    -  Register NOW - CLOSED

Session 2:  September 25-28 -  Register NOW - CLOSED
Session 3: October 2-5   -  Register NOW - CLICK  HERE

Session 4: October 9-12  -  Register NOW - CLICK  HERE