Heritage Theater Volunteer Sign-Up




We need your Help!!

We need several child wranglers and backstage help for EVERY practice at the heritage theater, including dress rehearsals and the performances. One parent or guardian is required to help during at least 1 performance.
Please sign up for one or more of the performances
CLICK HERE. If you can help for more than one, it is even better as you will come knowing what to do.

TICKETS: Pre-sale ticket deadline is Friday, August 17. All forms and money need to be turned into Wendy by then. Reserved seating and general seating will still be available online.

Back to School:
If you need to go to a Back to School night that conflicts with your rehearsal, please come practice before or after. We understand that it is important to be there, but we also need you at practice when you’re done.

Starting MONDAY, AUGUST 13th, Practices will move to the HERITAGE THEATER. (105 N. 100 E.)
Please ENTER at the East side actors entrance,  walk onto the side of the stage, turn left and walk through the hallway into the lobby, get your name tag, and come directly into the auditorium and get a seat. We will have someone help you. Plan right now to sit with ONE empty seat between each person.

Please understand the importance of being to practices. It is a disadvantage for YOU and difficult for us when you are not there as you miss blocking, choreography. We will be blocking your exits, entrances and stage placement’s.  Other cast members may be dependent on you for their cue. If you are not there, it causes confusion for everyone and we want every cast member to feel confident in their performance.

Thanks for your help in ensuring that your cast member is at practice when required. Please be patient with us as this transition is not easy. We understand that school is starting, practices are long, and may occasionally run over a bit. We know the kids are tired. Please make sure they get plenty of sleep, are eating properly, taking their vitamins, and are drinking plenty of water.  If you choose to stay and watch during practices, you will be asked to help out. We really need the help, not an audience

RULES: (Please go over this with your children)
-Please be respectful of the Heritage Theater. We are guests and we need to act respectful.
-Please do NOT touch any props or scenery.
-Please listen and respect all directors and volunteers.
-Kids are NOT allowed in the Main Lobby.
-Kids are NOT allowed in the halls without a volunteer. Hallways are NO TALKING ZONES. Kids will sit in their assigned seats, unless they are onstage or working downstairs with a choreographer.
-Bathroom Breaks: We are NOT to use the lobby restrooms.
You may use the performer’s bathrooms downstairs, You MUST ask and get a bathroom pass. You will be taken in small groups, by a volunteer.
-There is absolutely no food allowed in the theater and ONLY water is allowed. We will have a short scheduled break each night next week so you can eat dinner. Please bring it with you.  Concessions will also be available.
There are specific areas where you can have dinner, snacks during a break, and concessions will be sold in the lobby. Please bring items with NO PEANUTS.
-Please bring something to do. There are lots of changes and placements being made. There will be many times when you are sitting and will need something to do quietly.

Thank you for the support we have received from so many of you. We understand these last few weeks are crazy for everyone and we are doing the best that we can, so parents please remember to be respectful and courteous to our volunteers.

If you have any questions, please let us know!



Ticket Sales:  Pre-sale tickets are now available. Tickets sales sheets are available at the CMT building or you can get one HERE.  General Seating Pre-sale tickets are $5 until August 17, from any cast member. There is also reserved seating tickets for $10.  We anticipate selling out, at least a few of the nights, so get your tickets early. 



LION KING Play Information:
Please read ALL the following information.

Welcome to the cast of the Lion King! We are so excited about this upcoming production and know it is going to be amazing!  We have many fun ideas planned for this show, fabulous costumes, and many exciting dance numbers.

Please read this entire email as it has rehearsal information. We understand the email is long - but there  is a lot of material that needs to be covered. We decided to send it all out in email, rather than to have a parent meeting. Let us know if you have any questions.

All of the people at CCCMT are volunteers. We have many people that volunteer many, many hours of their time and talents who will help make sure the Lion King is a successful production. Please remember to be respectful of every volunteer. We can't allow students or parents being disrespectful to our volunteers. This can be cause for immediate removal from the show. There is no way we can do this show without the help of our volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer, please SIGN-UP HERE.
Please note the following requirement: At least (1) one parent MUST sign-up to help a minimum of (1) one night behind the scenes during the performances.

All registrations forms, participation fees and scholarships forms are due JUNE 1st.
Participation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please make sure to have everything in by the deadline, or you may be removed from the cast list. Please contact us if you need to make payment arrangements. We have several people who have incomplete registrations. Scholarship Awards have been sent out. MAKE PAYMENT HERE

Costume Rental Fees:
This is  included in the participation Fee. If you are listed on the cast list as a MAIN CAST or SPECIALTY DANCER there is an additional $15 fee. Please pay that additional fee HERE.  We try to keep all rental fees affordable; however, we take great pride in our productions. We strive to provide high-quality, costumes. Most costumes are made by our amazing volunteers. Because of the specific type of costumes, our costume team will be making most of the costumes; however, you may be responsible to provide part of your own costume, such as shoes & under-clothing. Costumes are the property of CCCMT.

We provide several different ways to communicate information and changes with you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know what is going on. The following are the ways we communicate information.

All information will be posted on the website under the CAST MEMBER INFORMATION page. Please check this often. If you ever have questions or are NOT getting emails or texts, check here first. We have signed each cast member up as a member of our website. You will need to log-in to practice the songs and dances at home. The login button is on the bottom right hand corner of the homepage on the website. (it is tiny) The login email is your email that you registered with and the password is Lion. Please let me know if you cannot login.

Texting: You will need to sign-up to receive messages. Please text @cccmtlion to the number 81010 sign-up for text message. By signing up for texts, you may receive a daily text reminder, some of which may or may not apply to your child. If your child has a cell phone, we encourage them to sign-up as well.

Emails: Anyone who has registered should have their emails entered into our email system. If you have NOT received an email from us, please contact us so we can make sure your email is correct. Make sure we are a contact, so it doesn't go to your spam folder.

Facebook Page: We have a CCCMT Facebook page. This is for cast members. It is different than our Main Facebook page which is for everyone.  Please like both pages.

CCCMT PHONE NUMBER: There is now a phone available at CCCMT. The phone number is
435 –705-5508. This phone is for use during rehearsals if your child needs to contact you. It will show up as a St. George number. You can also program it into your phone as CCCMT. You can also text Wendy at 435-592-0083.

Rehearsals begin the 4th of June. You only need to come when your cast or character is scheduled. Typically rehearsals are from 4:30-6:30. For now - Main Cast will come on Tuesdays, Savannah Cast on Wednesdays, and Jungle Cast on Thursdays.  Mon and Fri's will be specifically assigned based on need. The calendar WILL change as needed - so please double-check the calendar HERE to see which days you need to be there. You may also be called specifically on certain days as well. Because the calendar is subject to change - check the website often and sign up for text messages. The CALENDAR is available on the website. It will be updated every Sunday for the upcoming week.  We try to keep the schedule the same, however changes will occur, so please check it each Sunday. We will also send out daily text reminders.

The performance dates are August  23, 24, 25, 27, & 28 at the Heritage Center, at 7:00 PM.

We understand the importance of family reunions, scout camps, girls camps, etc. We work around these important events and allow students to miss some practice time for these special activities. We have reviewed the info submitted on your audition form and taken that into account when casting - However, it is NOT ok to miss practice because you would rather go swimming, to see a show, or play with a friend. If you are going to miss a practice, you must submit the Absence Excuse Form ONLINE HERE to add the dates you are going to gone. This new online way will be a great to help us make our practice time more effective. Please note that if you have more than 3 unexcused absences - you will be subject for removal from the show.  It is imperative that you attend when you're scheduled.

You may NOT MISS any of the practices from August 13th until the performance.
Please make this a priority over other activities you are involved in. This is our only time to practice at the Heritage Theater prior to the performances. The students’ need this time to get used to performing at the Heritage Theater with the full and completed scenery, the sound system, and a new stage. There will be longer practices once we move to the Heritage Center, so please prepare younger students, as school will be in session. This makes for long days - so ensure they are getting proper nutrition and rest. We will work around back to school nights.

Cast will enter through the south door, which will be marked. Everyone will be issued a name badge with a number on it. Please remember your number as this will help you know which slot to return your badge to. You must wear your name tag during every practice - this will help the directors to learn your name. If you do not wear your name tag, you may be marked as absent. Please do not play with it. Name-tags are NOT ALLOWED to be taken home. There is a $5 fee for replacement name tags, so please do not lose them. Once you have your name tag, please come sit down quietly. Personal belongings need to be hung up on the hooks, or placed under your chair or bench.

Please bring a water bottle with you. Water is the only beverage allowed in the rehearsal space, so please leave sodas, food and other drinks home. GUM is not allowed. Bring something to QUIETLY occupy your time when you are not on scene.  (IPod, Books, Homework, etc.)  Please wear comfortable shoes, no flip flops or heels. Shoes must be worn at all time in the rehearsal space.

Enter at the back driveway and pull alongside the North end of the building and let your child(ren) exit right onto the sidewalk. If you are parking, please be extra careful as there are lots of kids.

Additional/Optional Fees:
-T-shirt: $10.00
T-shirts are optional to purchase. We wear them in the parade and they are a fun souvenir for the kids. Some students wear theirs to the cast party and have their cast member sign their t-shirt. Order forms will be available during practices and online (50. cent online transaction fee applies). You may purchase a shirt for everyone in your family. DEADLINE TBD

-Parent dedication ad: $10.00
A special message from parents, grandparents, &/or friends to your little star that is printed in the program. You can purchase at the check-in table during any practice or online. DEADLINE TBD

-Tickets to the Show:
Pre-sale General Seating Tickets- $5.00,
Online Reserved Tickets-$10.00,
At the Door General Seating-$7.00. We have made every effort to keep costs low and affordable for everyone. There is not an adult or child price. We are charged a royalty for every seat sold. We ask every cast member to sell 10 tickets, and we have prizes for the top sellers. We had over 4400 people attend our production of the Little Mermaid. We have sold out shows before and have had to turn people away. Pre-sold tickets help ensure this does not happen.

We have some food items and souvenirs items available to purchase during rehearsals. Bottled water is also available. New this year are fun memory maker souvenirs, plush animal with a miniature program, glass pendants, and more!

Other performing venues:
Parade – Our Lion King Cast will be in the 24th of July parade. We prefer everyone to attend, however, this is optional. Please let us know if you would like to be on the parade/float committee.

What is AmazonSmile?
AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon.com. The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the CCCMT. You have to go through AmazonSmile every time you shop in order for it to benefit CCCMT, so it is best to book mark the page.  CLICK HERE

DRESS CODE: CCCMT has a dress code. We are children’s theater, so please refrain from wearing shorts, skirts, and shirts that are too short, as we are dancing and moving around frequently.  All shorts need to come to at least mid-thigh, tummies and backs must be covered, no cleavage and no bare shoulders.  CLICK HERE for full dress code.

Show Respect
•Show respect for others:  Students should respect the time of those who are volunteering by listening, paying attention to and following the guidance of the Directors so that they can get the most out of their time here. Disruptive, distracting or problematic behavior that effects the rehearsal environment will not be tolerated
•Respect the space: Participants will respect the facilities, costumes, props, sets, and all other property including the property of other participants. Students should not touch what does not belong to them. They will clean up after themselves and work to keep the areas clean.

Always Be On Time: Students should show up to rehearsals and performances on-time and ready to work with all necessary props, costumes, notes or scripts.  Students should come NO earlier than 10 min before the start of practice and leave no later than 10 min after practice.

Leave only with Permission: Students will not leave the building during rehearsal, unless excused by the Director or when the Director dismisses the group. They should not leave the premises without their parent or guardian.

Abide by the Three Strike Rule: Students are expected to follow general rules of conduct. Students that do not follow the rules, will receive notice.   Once a student has received 3 warnings - a notice will be sent to the parent.  If there continues to be a problem with the student's behavior - the parent may be asked to attend practices or the student may be removed from the show. Fighting, bullying, name calling, inappropriate language, disobedience, horsing around excessively, not listening, talking during scenes, etc are all examples of what is not allowed.

Only WATER is allowed in the Theatre Space: NO other beverages or gum, are allowed. If a student needs a snack - ensure they eat BEFORE practice or they may purchase something from the concession stand.  Please bring your own water bottle. Students are expected to take home with them what they bring in.  We should not have to clean up after the students.

Bathroom Breaks: We have limited time to practice.  Students should use the bathroom BEFORE they come to rehearsal.

Off Stage Time: Students are expected to bring something to QUIETLY occupy their time when they are not on scene.  (IPod, Books, Homework, etc.)  It is expected that they will respect those who are on stage and will be quiet when off stage.  Talking on their cell phone use is NOT permitted during rehearsals.

Off Book Expectations: It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to have all music and lines memorized by the given deadline. Please practice at home.

Parent participation is important to the success of any youth-related activity. The Children’s Musical Theater is no exception. Parents are encouraged to participate with fund-raising, set building, painting, costumes, and putting up show posters. All Parents should plan to assist in "child wrangling" a minimum of 3 times.

Parents should arrive ON TIME to pick up their student. It makes it very difficult when we can't leave for other commitments because a student is still waiting for their ride.

Parents should help their children to sell at least 10 tickets each.

Parent observation can be a distraction, so please understand the Director may excuse any participant or parent from observing rehearsals. In addition, there is limited space. If you'd like to attend rehearsals, you'll need to sign up as a child wrangler.

Parents should ensure their language to their own children and others is supportive, nurturing, age appropriate and of a positive nature.

With so many cast members - we need everyone to practice good hygiene.  This means showers and deodorant BEFORE practice.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank You,
Wendy Anderson