Little Mermaid  Information:

Please read carefully. All the information will be posted here. 

Show DVD Pre-order:


Heritage Theater Volunteer Sign-up:

We need lots of help once we move into the Heritage Theater starting August 14th for every practice,

as well as every performance and dress rehearsal.

One Parent is required to sign up for at least (1) night of the performances. 

CLICK HERE to sign-up. 

Missed Rehearsals/Back to School Meetings:

As we are getting closer to production, it is very important that you make it to every rehearsal.
We have adjusted the schedule to work around some of the Back to School Nights, however, if your practice time conflicts with a Back to School night, we ask that you attend as much of the rehearsal as possible, leave for the school meeting, and then return. 


Costume Information & Check-in:

-Costume Fitting Times & Dates:
We will have costume fittings on
Wednesday, August 9 & Thursday, August 10 from 9:30-3 PM.
Please come on the date and time that you are listed. See Link Below

I tried to put siblings together so they can come at the same time. If your name was unintentionally left off, please come when you can.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COME TO YOUR SCHEDULED TIME, PLEASE COME TO ANOTHER TIME, WE WILL SQUEEZE YOU IN.  We need everyone to be fitted.

The following are not needed at this scheduled costume fitting. You will be fit at a later date:
Ariel, Eric, Grimsby, Sebastian, King Triton, Flounder, Puffer Fish, Ursula, Scuttle, & Mersisters.

*Bring the required underclothing and socks and shoes so we can approve them.
-Required Underclothing & Costume Items for everyone:
Every cast member needs to have the following items for their costumes:
-Black Shoes – No white soles, no high tops, no heels. Flats, Canvas,  or dress shoes are good.
-Black Socks – no ankle socks. Must be crew or taller.
-Tight fitting, cap-sleeve WHITE t-shirt. (Dark Sea Cast needs BLACK cap sleeve t-shirt)
-Biker Shorts – TIGHT – Knit, spandex, lycra, etc. (not basketball shorts)
-Deodorant: Regardless of age, it must be worn.

Additional /Substitutions that may differ a little from what is listed above:
Grimsby:  We will provide your shoes. Need WHITE stockings that go above the knee.
Triton: No shirt needed.
Chef Loius/Scuttle – Short sleeve white t-shirt, NOT a cap-sleeve.
Chefs, Sailors, Butlers, Seagulls: No black socks. Need WHITE stockings (thigh high, tights, socks above the knee) Stockings must be bright white, stay up and must hit above the knee.
Flotsam, Jetsam, Eels: Black dress pants (bring in for approval) Black tight fitting t-shirt.
Mersisters/Dark Mermaids: Black tights, Black Biker shorts, Black Shoes, Any shirt.
You will change into a cami.
Maids: Tight fitting BLACK t-shirt, WHITE biker shorts, White tights.
Dancers: Short sleeve, leotard, White Tights.
Galactic Squid/Stingray: BLACK long sleeve shirt. Needs to come to your wrists.

CLICK HERE for costume fitting schedule.

You can start pre-selling tickets now. Please read the following information carefully.
The ticket prices are as follows:
Pre-sale GENERAL SEATING tickets- $5.00
Online GENERAL SEATING tickets -  $7.00
GENERAL SEATING tickets at the DOOR - $7.00
RESERVED SEATING tickets, available online only - $10.00
Tickets pricing is per seat. Children under 2 do not need a ticket as long as they don’t take a seat.



CLICK HERE to submit your absences. 

Please CLICK HERE for the Parent/Student Welcome Letter. 

It contains A LOT of information, so please read it carefully.

Most of your questions will be answered here. 



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