Under no circumstances does CCCMT play favorites or pre-cast any production.  It is our philosophy that every student, whether they are new to the program or a seasoned veteran, has a place at CCCMT.


Students are cast or placed based on their audition/callback, availability and the ability to work well with others.  Casting and placement decisions are not determined by what a student (or their parent) has done for CCCMT in the past, however, we do take into account each student's past behavior and reliability.


The audition is a clean slate for all students and we truly do our best to ensure that every student has a meaningful part in productions. 


I have been made aware that there may be some perceptions that The Little Mermaid has been precast. I want to clarify, that this is absolutely not the case.

CCCMT has always had an open audition policy. Which means every role in a production is up for grabs. You never know what undiscovered talent is just waiting for that juicy lead role they have always dreamt of playing.

Multiple people are involved in the callback process (including those with children in the show and those with no affiliation with CMT).  While all feedback is taken into account, ultimately the final decision on casting is made by the director.

Not only are we looking for the right vocal talent, but we also look at height, looks, romantic compatibility, acting ability, maturity, dancing, etc. We also take into account past behavior issues, attendance and personal commitment when determining who we will cast in lead roles. It is honestly, the most difficult part of our job. Please know that casting is taken very seriously and  talking about it beforehand is unprofessional and in poor taste.

Please remember, that we work very hard to provide many different opportunities outside the traditional lead roles for every cast member.  We look forward to seeing you all at auditions. Good luck!