Who is CCCMT?
Cedar City Children's Musical Theatre (CCCMT) is a (501) non-profit volunteer group of  parents and grandparents striving to provide musical theater experience for local children, regardless of experience or ability to pay. CCCMT seeks  to nurture a love of performing in children of all ages.  Our performers will be challenged to excel in singing, dance, and theatrical performance. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to shine because talent is only developed when children are given the opportunity.

Our goal is to help our students develop self-confidence, pride in a job well done and self discipline, all while having fun!

We would love to have you and your children join us!  

Jewly Krause, President
Luann Keyes, Member
Michelle Taylor, Member
Wendy Anderson, Production Director
Bruce Anderson, Stage Director
Denise DeMille, Member
Elisa Hamblin, Member
Jennifer DeMille, Choreographer
Rebekah Karpel, Publicity Director

Kristin Miller, Costume Director

Lisa Monson, Asst Costume Director

Kevin Bairett, Set Director

Kevin Krause, Sound Director

Melanie Baker, Musical Director

Sharina Adams, Prop Director

Korina Wood, Volunteer Director